About Farakoh

FARAKOH YAZD Electrical Manufacturer Company established and registered in 1996. The company started its career as a sole agent of FRAKO GmbH, one of the world's well-acquainted manufacturers of Power Factor Correction Capacitors (www.frako.com). The German high-quality products, helped FARAKOH to increase its market share significantly. Based on years of experiences and sales figures, FARAKOH managers have devised a plan to hit international markets. Within a few years, Farakoh's scope of work has been expanded. Many well-known companies have been interested in bilateral cooperation with FARAKOH. At this moment FARAKOH holds the sole agency of 7 prominent companies’ products in the area. FARAKOH products are now installed in several different industries such as Gas, Oil & Petrochemical, Steel, Cement and Automobile, Textile, Communication companies, etc. FARAKOH has always been honored with several awards for the superiority of its products and after-sales services. In the first chapter of this introduction, there is some information about the company's scope of work, while some information about its facilities can be found in the second chapter. Some of the FARAKOH's awards can be found in chapter three. Finally, FARAKOH's sister companies (KAVIR industrial group) have been introduced in the last chapter. We are hopeful that the presented record could lead to a fruitful cooperation in the future, particularly with those clients who are in need of FARAKOH products.

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